Community Impact: Val Desjardins, owner of The Studio MTL

Community Impact:

Val Desjardins, owner of The Studio MTL

Helping the Montreal community through movement, mindset and wellness

Meet Val Desjardins, owner of The Studio MTL an athlete, a mother, a personal trainer, a community game changer, and loyal supporter of Just for Kids Foundation. Val combines her passion for fitness with her desire to give back to community and promoting positive mental health amongst her clientele. Just like Val, we believe mental health matters.
To Val, community has always been about lifting others up. Whether that means providing resources to others in a time of need or supporting individuals that are working to do this, the possibilities are endless in this respect.
Throughout the pandemic, as a personal trainer, she found that this meant providing the community with resources that they needed to protect their mental health and regain balance throughout a period of unprecedented circumstances.
The last year has been incredibly stressful for all. Across all age groups, individuals realized incredibly quickly that exercise could help release tension and stress in a positive and empowering way. Exercise aligns the body and the mind and, in doing so, it clears the space and allows for a renewed sense of clarity and wellbeing.
Val’s mental health has always been an important component of her practice and believes
that Just For Kids understands the importance of supporting families on this front and ensuring that they feel equipped in the face of any situation or hardship.
Val’s advice for maintaining positive mental health is, “to take the time to learn what practices help to ground you, what practices you are able to maintain sustainably in your life and, ultimately, learn what makes you feel good.”