JFK Stroll for Kids

JFK Stroll for Kids (SFK) made its debut in 2015 and has become a wildly popular event for the whole family to enjoy a day of entertainment, activities and giving back! This event was created by two mothers, Alana and Jodie, who both had incredible experiences in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The event was created as a way to express their gratitude in a unique, exciting and significant way.


Each family creates a fundraising page and is encouraged to raise at least $250 in order to participate. Of course, many families raise much more in support of our worthy cause – a perfect way to introduce philanthropy to young children and make them feel like they are making a difference.

The morning-long celebratory stroll through the park features musical entertainment, mascots, arts & crafts, gourmet lunch, snacks, raffles and incredible giveaways for all ages. Upon arrival at the park, a passport-style booklet is given to each child participant. They can collect stickers as they stroll from station to station, taking part in activities.

Stroll for Kids is the perfect way to wrap up the summer season, bring the community together and instill a sense of philanthropy in young families and children who have a chance to give back by participating in the event personally.

Join us for this year’s Stroll for Kids event on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Visit the event page.