Mission and Vision

Just for Kids (JFK) Foundation raises funds to purchase high-priority medical equipment, and to support initiatives,
that improve the quality of care for patients of the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH).


In 1987, a group of concerned parents realized that key medical equipment was lacking to best diagnose and treat their children at the MCH. This dedicated group of volunteers began to create innovative ways to raise funds so the MCH would remain a state-of-the-art institution within our community.

With imagination, dedication and big hearts, these volunteers created Montreal-based fundraising events. Both large and small, these events have cultivated a very special group of volunteers who continuously challenge themselves to inspire, engage and give back. Not only has JFK created a local community among its members, but it also has impacted the community at large by helping children and their families throughout Montreal, as well as touching the lives of so many event participants, guests and corporate sponsors.


To date, JFK has purchased over $11 million of high-priority medical equipment for the MCH.

Helped over 1,500 healthcare professionals improve patient care.

Touched almost every department at the hospital.

With the medical equipment that JFK purchases, doctors are able to perform procedures using the latest technological advancements. This, in turn, attracts world-class medical professionals to Montreal and the MCH.

Established the JFK Sibling Park, a free childcare centre for siblings of children in acute care.

You Are Not Alone – 2020 Campaign

This year, our focus remains on essential projects that could greatly benefit from your support.

No child, parent, or sibling should ever feel alone.

You are not alone in your suffering…

JFK is committed to improving mental health resources at the Children’s by providing access to an ER Mental Health Social Worker over the next three years. The Mental Health Social Worker will play a critical and central role in responding to and treating these vulnerable patients and act as a facilitator between the medical team and the child’s family.

Breathing is everything…

Children who cannot breathe on their own require intubation, which can be a life-threatening procedure. In an emergency, staff have only minutes to install a breathing tube before their patient risks brain damage due to lack of oxygen. If a child has a difficult airway, the standard intubation technique will not suffice, and specialized tools are required.  As the Children’s becomes a centre of excellence for treating children with breathing related difficulties, a new and upgraded Difficult Airway Cart is a high priority.  JFK will be purchasing this lifesaving piece of equipment because breathing is everything.

Every child counts…

The JFK Sibling Park at the Children’s provides siblings of patients in acute care a safe haven. With professional childcare workers by their side, siblings can play freely, seek comfort, and never feel as if they are alone. This fully subsidized Park helps alleviate the financial stress of extra childcare costs. Often credited with keeping families together during their most difficult moments, JFK Foundation will continue to support JFK Sibling Park, a vital childcare program.

Please support Just for Kids Foundation and make a difference in the lives of countless children.


Board of Directors

Harriet Greenstone

Rochelle Lerner Silverman

Jill Aberman
Lisa Adelstein Steinberg
Sandra D’Alesio Lanno
Marla Fersten Oringer
Myra Frishman
Franceen Goffman
Rochelle Lerner Silverman
Lynda Lubin
Jill Morganstein Kimmel
Donna Seidman Salzman

Mara Greenstone Agulnik

Jason Ansel

Lyne Breton

Marissa Frishman

Lisa Adelstein Steinberg
Robert Bloom
Rebecca Chriqui
Norma D’Alesio
Laurence Destrempes
Heather Kugler
Daniel Marcus
Tommy Petrogiannis
Seeta Ramdass
Jill Selick

Lorie Blumer