Mission and Vision

The Just for Kids (JFK) Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to purchase high-priority medical equipment for the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH). Our vision is to continually enhance the experience and care of every patient.


In 1987, a small group of concerned parents saw the need to fundraise for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Upon visiting the hospital with their children they realized that key equipment was lacking to best diagnose and treat their children’s medical issues. This group of parents soon blossomed into a dedicated group of volunteers who were continuously looking for new and innovative ways to raise funds for a very important cause.

As such, Just for Kids Foundation was born, with the distinct mission of raising funds to purchase high-priority medical equipment for the MCH. This equipment is used to diagnose and treat young patients, facilitating less invasive and often life-saving procedures.

With imagination, dedication and big hearts, these volunteers created Montreal-based fundraising events. Both large and small, these events have cultivated a very special group of volunteers who continuously challenge themselves to inspire, engage and give back. Not only has JFK created a local community among its members, but it also has impacted the community at large by helping children and their families throughout Montreal, as well as touching the lives of so many event participants, guests and corporate sponsors.


To date, JFK has purchased over $11 million of high-priority medical equipment for the MCH at both its old location on Atwater, as well as for its new home at the Glen Campus. Through JFK’s 30-year history, almost every department at the MCH has been touched by our fundraising to help sick children on a daily basis.

Not only is JFK helping the 200,000+ children who seek care at the MCH every year, but thanks to our donations, over 1,500 healthcare professionals are better equipped to care for their patients. With the medical equipment that JFK purchases, doctors are able to perform procedures using the latest technological advancements. This, in turn, attracts world-class medical professionals to Montreal and the MCH.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – Over $700,000 has been committed to purchasing a variety of high-priority equipment including the Giraffe Panda Incubators and breast pumps for each room within the unit to feed the most fragile preemies and newborn babies. Watch our video to learn more.

Ear, Nose & Throat Department (ENT) –$600,000 raised was allocated to a variety of ENT departments including the operating rooms and various clinics within the hospital. Over $150,000 was used to purchase digital recording systems for both the clinics and operating rooms which are still used today. These tools enable doctors to better diagnose and treat over 13,000 patients per year.

Cardiology – Over $810,000 raised for this department to purchase the most technologically advanced equipment to make little hearts beat healthily. JFK has been instrumental in providing this department with the support needed to stay current with the latest technology and continue to deliver the best care for the Cardiology patients.

Operating Suites – JFK raised $1 million to equip the JFK Operating Room Suites at the new Glen campus. Annually, thousands of young patients undergo urgent, life-saving procedures in the Operating Rooms and Pediatric Day Hospital at the MCH.

These are but a few of the departments touched by the fundraising efforts of JFK. While we have given so much to the MCH, our work never stops. As new technologies evolve to better diagnose and treat young patients, a constant need for funds enables us to continue our mission.

Current Campaign

The Current Challenge – 2017 Commitment

The Just for Kids Foundation’s 2017 campaign “A Breath For Life” will enable the families and young patients of the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) to breathe a little easier.

This year’s goal is to raise funds to purchase $500,000 of high-priority medical equipment to support the urgent needs of MCH departments including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Respiratory Medicine department. This life-saving equipment will allow the world-class doctors at the MCH to treat an array of young, fragile patients: from helpless infants in their first and most critical moments of life to those suffering from chronic illnesses that affect breathing.

In addition, JFK will be raising funds to pilot two new projects at the MCH, both benefitting the NICU.

The JFK Sibling Park will cater to patient families by focusing on the often overlooked healthy siblings of these tiny patients. This program will provide overwhelmed parents with more time to bond with their hospitalized babies, alleviating the financial and time-consuming stress of securing additional childcare. Siblings will be able to join their parents at the hospital and be cared for in a warm and welcoming environment, run by a group of childcare professionals. They will be engaged in games and activities and be assisted with homework, to help maintain routine in their lives as their families go through trying times. The Sibling Park will enable bonding time for everyone and allow siblings to feel included in the care of their new baby. This is an innovative and holistic approach to caring for sick children and their families.

The JFK Kangaroo Care program will provide NICU nurses with the proper training to empower them to be champions for Kangaroo Therapy: a beneficial method of skin-to-skin, chest-to-chest bonding that is valuable to both the baby and the parents. This therapy has been proven to stabilize vital signs, reduce infection rates, as well as decrease pain, crying and stress in babies. It has been linked to earlier discharge dates, better neuro-behavioural development, more rapid weight gain and increased breast milk production. With NICU nurses armed with the knowledge and ability to teach parents this method, the MCH will become an innovative leader in the promotion of Kangaroo Care to Montreal families.

These two special programs will work in tandem. The JFK Sibling Park allows parents the comfort of knowing their older children are well cared for, enabling time for Kangaroo Care Therapy with their tiny newborns.

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The Board of Directors, consisting of 18 Just for Kids Foundation members, meets monthly and is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

Board of Directors – 2017-2018

Harriet Greenstone


Sandra D’Alesio Lanno


Lisa Adelstein Steinberg
Jill Aberman
Jill Morganstein Kimmel
Rochelle Lerner Silverman
Marla Fersten Oringer
Myra Frishman
Donna Seidman Salzman
Franceen Goffman
Lynda Lubin


Rochelle Lerner Silverman

Mara Greenstone Agulnik

Lyne Breton

Marissa Frishman

Lisa Adelstein Steinberg
Jason Ansel
Robert Bloom
Alexandra Carbone
Virgine Fortin
Béatrice Hane
Michael Ickman
Heather Kugler
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